The 3D experience on the Expresso in 2006 was already looking very dated and old. I made as many changes as could in the 9 months prior to launch, including remodeling and texturing the riders, bikes and handle bars, all of which feature prominently on the screen.  I worked with our 3D programmer to plug in multi-pass shaders, adding normal and specular maps as well as adding fog and shadows to make the world come much more alive with the resources we had. I also completely revamped their production pipeline, trimming the development time for creating new environments from a lengthy 6 month process all the way down to only 3 weeks. This was possible because of several middle-ware programs and a few choice scripts. My team of 2 artists was very junior--mentoring and training was a major task. Unlike larger teams where the work is often collaborative, all the work below is mine.